Protest! Protest! Protest!
It is your legal weapon
It is your legal weapon
It is your legal weapon

Social Justice

We believe that society must provide housing, education, healthcare, a strong and healthy ecosystem, and good-paying jobs for everyone, regardless of background.

Check out The Technocratican to listen to podcast episodes covering ethics, morality, and sustainable communities.

Workplace Democracy

We believe that democracy–a cherished concept for most Americans–must infiltrate and dominate every aspect of the American life, including your workplace!

We stand in solidarity with the Workers Cooperative movement advocated by Dr. Richard Wolff as well as The Geodigraph Community.

Class Struggle

We believe our time and lives are dominated by a class of ruling, greedy, capitalist criminals. The workers of New Mexico must end this system of brutality.

We use Geodigraph Hub for our organizing efforts.

Working-Class Solidarity

We believe that anyone who works for a wage is entitled to the entire value of their labor. The value you produce as a worker should go to you, the worker, and not to the profit margins of lazy corporate owners and shareholders who contribute nothing of value.

You can visit our General Workers Council on Reddit to engage in workplace organization.


We are a New Mexico-based group of socialist activists and organizers dedicated to bringing justice and equality to New Mexico and abroad.

By way of our dedicated organizers, we are building a base of peaceful working-class opposition to capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism, wherever it may be found.